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Picosecond laser cutting, scribing, drilling for Diamond lens

Picosecond laser offers more precision, higher speed cutting and drill for Diamond lens, thin glass,optical lens.

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Why Diamond lens, Optical lens need Picosecond laser to cut or drill?

Diamond lens is ideal for laser processing projects such as Optical lens Glasses lens, Aerospace industry special Optical lens and more. Without any additional post-processing, the laser cuts result in shiny, flame polished edges. Picosecond laser offers more precision, higher speed cutting and drill for Diamond lens, thin glass, optical lens.  It cut the material more efficiently and cost-effectively. The laser beam is the universal "tool" for lens processing regardless of the shape and material thicknesses.  


Application examples of Diamond lens: 

1. Optical lens industry, such as: camera lens, auto data recorder lens, telephoto lens, medical machinery lens, mobile phone lens, projector lens, aspheric lens and spherical lens, Fresnel lens, flashlight lens, led lens

2. Glasses industry: glasses lenses, contact lenses, optical film

3. Aerospace industry: special glasses for night flight and aircraft window.

4. Other optics: fiber optics, solar panels, semiconductor equipment accessories, VR optical components.


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