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Laser cutting machine for FPC flexible circuit, coverlay

FPC Laser Cutting Machines are used for processing of FPC, PCB, rigid-flex board, FR4 and cover film,etc.

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Laser cut FPC flexible circuit board

FPC Laser Cutting Machines are used for processing of FPC, PCB, rigid-flex board, FR4 and cover film,etc.

Our laser cutting machine with dual head, provide ultrafast cutting, high efficiency for FPC production.  

The laser beam allows for controlled fusing of the FPC circuit board and produces clear and sealed cutting edges. With the laser, you can cut even the smallest radii precisely and produce simple geometries at record speed. 

During laser cutting, no pressure is exerted on the FPC circuit board by a tool, the entire process is contact-less and consequently, the end product will turn out perfect. Another plus: As opposed to working with a punch or a knife, laser cutting will not result in chipping of paint from the end product.

The benefits of a laser cutting machine: Faster than a cutting plotter, more precise than punching dies, and more economical for small series up to 1,000 pieces.

Adopted with high-performance UV laser cold light source, high-precision CCD image positioning technology and self-developed visual laser control software, the FPC flexible PCB laser cutting machine of BEYONDLASER perfectly implements contour cutting, drilling of FPC and PCB, and precision processing of composite membrane.


Advantage of laser cutting FPC

● Without models, one-step forming, save a lot of costs;

● Precision two-dimensional worktable and full closed-loop CNC system ensure the high precision of micron dimension;

● Position sensor and CCD image positioning technology;

● Automatic positioning and focusing system produce high efficiency.


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