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Thin films cuting with Picosecond laser machine

Picosecond laser processing in ultrafast speed, improve production efficiency. Micromachining, precision marking or enraving, cutting, for precision material.

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Picosecond Laser Cutting Machine for films & Foils

Using a UV laser system to cut Extremely thin films and foils can be very advantageous to your production process.

·The laser beam allows for controlled fusing of foils and films

·The UV laser cutting is cold cutting, no damage on thin films or foils

·The laser produces clean and sealed cut edges

·The laser can cut even the smallest radii precisely

·The laser can cut simple geometries at record speed

·The laser is contact free, no pressure is exerted on the material

·The laser consistently produces perfect results

·The laser will not result in chipping of paint from the end product

The benefits of a laser cutting machine: Faster than a cutting plotter, more precise than punching dies, no damage on thin films, and more economical for small series up to 1,000 pieces.

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How does laser cutting of foils and films work?

The controlled fusing of the material ensures clean cutting edges without any soiling. The laser offers many advantages when working with multilayer films: Several layers, such as backing, adhesive and top film, can be cut in one work step. Depending on the layer structure and the strength of the film, up to 10 layers can be cut in the composite material.

Why will I work faster with the laser than with a cutting plotter?

Precisely matched axis drives and an innovative control system ensure precise and fast laser cutting. Unlike in cutting plotters, there is no material resistance when lasers are used. As a result, laser cutting is faster. Another plus: The laser beam does not need to be lifted or rotated as a knife. Beyond laser systems make optimal use of this advantage in speed and detail, in particular when working on delicate geometries.


Mainly features

1. Micromachining, precision marking or enraving, cutting, for precision material. 

2. Picosecond laser processing in ultrafast speed, improve production efficiency. 

3. It has high efficiency photoelectric conversion, zero power coupling loss, no consumables and it is free of maintenance.

4. High cost-effective, using low cost to bring the international frontier fiber laser technology, to maximize the benefits.

5. Long service life: it can continuously work in harsh working environment, the laser source can service 100,000hours with no-maintenance.



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