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Melt-blown fabric mold laser drilling machine

laser drilling machine for Melt-blown fabric mold for mask production

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Laser drilling machine for drilling Melt Blown Fabric Mold for Mask production

High precision, high efficient laser drilling

Application case: 

Stainless steel mold drilling, Hole depth 1.5mm, diameter 0.2mm, 300 holes, laser drilling for 20minutes

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It is widely used in the industries of metal mold drilling, Melt-blown fabric mold punching/drilling, Spinneret hole, Chemical Melt-blown fabric mold, Melt-blown stainless steel mold, Melt-blown mold, spraying cloth plate, spraying mold punching, metal sheet drilling processing, mechanical parts, automobiles, machinery, metal industrial products, electrical parts, circuit boards, medical microelectronics, hardware, tools and so on.



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