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The Advantages of Laser Marking:


Laser marking is one of many laser processes, and each has been invented, and subsequently widely adopted, with a unique array of benefits. While all processes work in a similar way, using a laser beam, this laser beam can be manipulated in multiple ways so as to achieve varied desired effects.

   1. It’s a non-contact process

Any process that uses a laser beam is a non-contact process, which means that the laser beam isn’t physically working with the material it is directed at. So, it’ll only affect the area that is being heated, without causing any abrasions or damage to the surrounding area of the material.

2. Doesn’t strip away any material

It is unique as a process in that it doesn’t take away any of the material that it is working with, unlike other processes such as laser engraving. Instead, it heats up the area that it is targeting, causing oxidisation. This, in turn, causes a colour change beneath the surface of the material, leaving a permanent mark.


     3.Precise markings and high quality

The process leaves extremely precise, accurate and high-quality marks that are easily readable by the human eye and by machines too. The mark is durable and can be easily traced; this is an important quality to have when many parts that are laser marked need to be traced back to their original source.

It is also able to work with extremely small measurements, leaving tiny, yet still high-quality, marks. The beams used in this type of process are extremely powerful, reliable and controllable, delivering the quality previously mentioned.


     4. Works with a range of materials

It is a process that works extremely well with a range of materials. This is important, as many of the industries that it operates in don’t only use one type of material, or even one type of metal.

Laser marking can work with materials such as metals, glass, plastics, ceramics and silicon.


     5. Lower use of consumables

As well as no service and maintenance times, fiber lasers also have no consumables too. This gives Fiber lasers a significant advantage over other types of laser processes.

      6. Laser marking is a safe process

The process is a highly safe one, both for workers who have to operate in the environment, as well as the final products that are created and delivered to consumers. For example, markings may be made onto dental equipment which must enter patient’s mouths, so the markings need to be completely safe. A laser setup is also autonomous, meaning workers don’t need to physically operate it, hence the reason it is highly safe for them too.

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