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Medical components industry

Laser marking medical and surgical instruments

Laser marking has already become a standard technology in some areas of the medical industry thanks to the many benefits it offers. These characteristics of the devices- based on the UDI (unique device identification) or MDR (medical device regulation)- are marked with the laser: Data Matrix codes containing batch numbers, production dates, serial numbers, manufacturer information, product information, etc. as well as markings that serve as an anti-counterfeiting measure.

It widely used in: 

Medical instruments

Surgical instruments

Orthopedic or trauma surgery implants

Plastic cannulas

Why choose laser marking machine for medical instruments?

Biocompatibility of laser markings: Laser markings are resistant to acids, cleaners or bodily fluids. As the surface structure remains unchanged, depending on labeling process, no germs can establish themselves on the instruments. Even if implants remain inside the body for a long time, no materials from the label can detach themselves.
Traceability: The marking contents remain legible (also electronically) even under heavy use and after hundreds of cleaning procedures. This means that the parts can be clearly tracked and identified.

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