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FPC laser cutting machine with dual heads

Automatic laser cutting machine with dual heads for FPC , Coverlay, thin films, foils, substrates

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Automatic laser cutting machine with dual heads for FPC , Coverlay, thin films, foils, substrates 

Picosecond - nanosecond (compatible)


Beyond Laser’s self-developed automatic FPC laser cutting machine not only have the function of cutting, as well as automatic feeding and automatic collecting achieve a key processing, automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic counting, automatic collecting, automatic model conversion, etc, fully automatic, even in the off-work time, the machine will not stop working.



Fully automatic

The software has automatic feeding and automatic receiving function, which can realize one-key processing automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic calculation of the number of sheets, automatic receiving, automatic conversion of models, etc., fully automatic;

Machine tool

The Z axis of the machine tool is a CNC feeding structure to ensure precise cutting size; the XY linear motor drive platform and linear guide of the moving parts of the machine tool have high precision and fast speed;

The Worktable

XY table adopts full gantry structure, flying light path, marble base, good rigidity and high stability;

Laser source

Domestic or imported brand laser are available for options;Perfect beam quality, fine spot, 

fine slit, high cutting precision;

Automatic compensation

The software has automatic compensation for shape deformation;

Positioning function

It has the function of large format positioning, as well as small area positioning for large image error.

Network printing

The software is currently available with a network printing function, which is networked with the engineering department to implement a queue cutting function for CAM software multi-user direct printing;

Save document

The processing data of the product model can be directly saved to the computer, and the number of storage can reach tens thousands of groups;

Product advantage

FPC covering film automatic laser cutting machine with dual heads or single head solves the three key working procedure of material roll batch, die cutting, drilling. They save the mold cost, mold storage space, save the drilling cost and time, save the mold installation and maintenance cost, save the time of mold drawing, data processing, save the time of department conversion and so on. They generally improve the FPC production lead time, control the cost of mold and labour, which is really a unattended operation, cost-effective integrated machine. 


FPC covering film dual head automatic cutting machine/FPC covering film single head automatic cutting machine is Beyond laser's great of 9 years of independent development which carries a lot of 

unprecedented new technology;

High efficiency, Hight precision

The equipment has large-scale high-intensity production efficiency, stable operation under high-speed 

dynamics and high precision cutting which is worth the user's expectation.

Synchronous Processing

"single laser, double Head synchronous processing, "non-stop production module", "circulating loading and unloading system", "embedded intelligent cutting mode", etc;


Beyond laser focus on high precision smart laser equipment development and manufacturing, for micro processing precision products, tiny components, extremely thin films or foils, including laser cutting, laser dicing, laser scribing, laser drilling, laser marking. Using Picosecond laser, nanosecond laser, Femtosecond laser, which is ultra-fast laser, ultrashort-pulsed laser, high precision processing. No damage, no heat, no carbonization for material, full automatic production, high accuracy positioning. 

Our equipments include more than 20 models, with first-class quality level, high stable performance, high cost-effective, already sold to more 50 countries, covering North America(USA, Canada), Europe, Japan, Australia, South-east Asia.  


Our laser equipment widely used in electronics, IC chips, electrical appliances, lighting fixtures, jewelry, bathroom accessory, instruments and meters, automobile and motorcycle accessories that defend bath, mobile communications parts, molds, precision machinery, medical equipment, IT digital metal shell, military aviation parts, garment leather, craft gifts, advertising, decoration, model, cookers, tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances and other industries. Beyond laser can provide a variety of automatic online laser marking, laser cutting equipment. 

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