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New Industrial Park of Beyond Laser Factory

Beyond laser focus on high precision smart laser machine development and manufacturing, for micro processing precision products, tiny components, extremely thin films or foils, including Precision laser marking machine, Micro laser cutting machine, Micro laser drilling machine,Micro laser engraving machine, Micro laser etching machine, Micro laser dicing machine, laser scribing machine, and so on. 

After 10 years of development, Beyond Laser's business grown into bigger size laser factory, and move to new industrial park, please see below new face of Beyond Laser Factory.

Beyond Laser Industrial Park.jpg

Using Nanosecond laser, Picosecond laser, Femtosecond laser, which is ultra-fast laser, ultrashort-pulsed laser for high precision processing. No damage, no heat, no carbonization to material, full automatic production, high accuracy positioning. 

Our machine include more than 20 models, with first-class quality level, high stable performance, high cost-effective, already sold to more 50 countries, covering North America(USA, Canada), Europe, Japan, Australia, South-east Asia.  

                                            Machine Showroom, Clean, Bright, Spacious, Well-ordered 

Beyong Laser's Showroom.jpg

laser machine showroom-1.jpg

                                     Workshop for machine production

laser machine workshop-1.jpg

                                      Beyond Laser's Reception

Beyond Laser Reception.jpg

                                         Waiting area for Reception

Beyond Laser Waiting Area.jpg

                                         Certification and Awards of Beyond Laser 

Beyond Laser Certification and Rewards.jpg

                                           Beyond Laser's President Office

Beyond Laser President's Office.jpg

                                     Department management's Office

Management team's office.jpg

                                            National Sales Office 

National Sales Office.jpg

                                           International Sales Office

International Sales Office.jpg

                                            R&D Department Office

R&D Department's Office.jpg

                                         Conference Room 

Meeting Room.jpg

                                        Meeting Room for Technical Discussion

Conference Room for Technical Discussion.jpg

                                         Training Room 

Training Room.jpg

                                         Customers Meeting Room

Customer Reception Room.jpg

                                      Customer Lounge

Customer Lounge.jpg

                                         Beyond Laser's Dinning Room for Staffs

Beyond Laser Dinning Room.jpg



Beyond Laser Corp

Shuitian 1st Road No.13,Tongle Community,Longgang District,Shenzhen,China 

Zip code: 518116

Tel:+86 755 89765109


Mob:+86 18926522726


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