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Beyond Laser machines for PCB/FPC achieved great success on Exhibition

Beyond Laser machines for PCB/FPC processing are very popular on this Circuit Exhibition

Beyond Laser, as a laser processing equipment supplier in PCB/FPC industry, attended the International Electronics Circuit Exhibition(Shenzhen) on Dec,4th-6th, and achieved great success, attracted a lot of customers from PCB/FPC industry.

Our laser machines are widely used for cutting FPC, polyimide coverlay, and marking PCB. They can be equipped with smart automation system of cutting, and load and unload system.  With the guide of our passionate sales team, our laser machine are well known by a lot customers from PCB/FPC industry.

In the fierce competition of laser machine industry, innovation on laser technology is the driving force of Beyond Laser, improve market competitiveness, and provide the advanced machines to meet customer demand.

Many customers visit our booth to learn our laser technology, and discuss about their requirements.

A lot of customer show interest on our full automation system of laser machine for FPC cutting, coverlay cutting, PCB marking.

Our laser machines attracted several foreign customers in FPC, PCB industry, and other precision materials industry.

Beyond Laser’s advanced technology and machines will create great contribution in circuit board manufacturing industry, and help the circuit board manufacturers to achieve innovation,  transformation and upgrading. Beyond Laser advocated environmental friendly manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing concept, and will also be deeply rooted in the hearts of people !

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