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Picosecond Laser machine Pico-532nm CY-CT2NZ1-6030R

Picosecond Laser machine for cutting FPC, PCB, rigid-flex, FR4 and coverlay film.

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Picosecond Green light laser cutting machine with double laser double worktables 

This Laser Cutting Machine is widely used for processing of FPC, PCB, rigid-flex, FR4 and cover film,etc. With dual head, provide ultrafast cutting, high efficiency for FPC production. 

Adopted Picosecond laser cold light source, high-precision CCD image positioning technology and self-developed visual laser control software, the FPC flexible PCB laser cutting machine of BEYONDLASER perfectly implements contour cutting, drilling of FPC and PCB, and precision processing of composite membrane.

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Beyond Laser Technology Co.,Ltd, founded in 2009 in Shenzhen China, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D design, production, sales and service of industrial laser intelligent equipment. At present, there are two production bases in Shenzhen Longgang and Suzhou Wujiang District Laser Industrial Park, with a total plant area of 15,000 square meters. The equipment covers three major systems: Picosecond, Femtosecond laser micromachining system, small and medium power laser processing system, and non-standard automation system. Beyond Laser has a strong team of challenged talents with high-tech ideas and innovative dedication. It’s the laser equipment manufacturer with high reputation in the field of laser technology research and development, and application products cover more comprehensive.

Beyond Laser has many different laser system, including UV laser, Infrared laser, Green light nanosecond laser, Picosecond laser, Femtosecond laser and other laser source and Collimating focus system, Galvanometer focus system. Our main products include FPC laser cutting machine, PCB laser marking machine, PCB laser depaneling machine, UV/Fiber/CO2 laser marking machine, UV laser cutting machine, laser drilling machine, Green light picosecond laser cutting machine, ceramic laser cutting machine, thin glass laser cutting machine, metal foil cutting machine, touch screen cover film laser cutting, etc, more than 20 models. The machine performance is stable, easy to operate and maintain, high cost-effective, high accuracy, with diversified automation platform. It has provided a complete laser equipment application solutions for many domestic enterprises and exported to oversea, Canada,USA, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Iran and other countries.

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