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Picosecond laser cutter Laser Cutting Plastic Foils and Films

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Laser Cutting Plastic Foils and Films

The laser beam allows for controlled fusing of the foils and films and produces clear and sealed cutting edges. With the laser, you can cut even the smallest radii precisely and produce simple geometries at record speed. During laser cutting, no pressure is exerted on the foils or films by a tool, the entire process is contact-less and consequently, the end product will turn out perfect. 

Another plus: As opposed to working with a punch or a knife, laser cutting of the foil or film will not result in chipping of paint from the end product.

Film materials suitable for laser cutting

MaterialAbbreviationTrade names
PolyesterPESThermolite® Polarguard®
Polyethylene terephthalatePESMylar®
PolycarbonatePCLexan® Makrolon®

The Film materials which is suitable for laser cutting can be below products:

Medical components, Flexible circuit board, FPC cover films, Electronics parts, Auto parts, Aviation&Aerospace components, watch components, IC module, Cell phone components, Photovoltaics, Battery foil, Aluminum foil, Solar panel, Wafer microelectronics, Semiconductor microelectronic material, Precision material, Polymer Film, Silicon Wafer, Polycarbonate, polyester or polyimide membrane keyboards.

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