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high precision picosecond laser cutting machine

USAGE The machine is used in cutting,opening the window and uncovery for CVL/FPC/RF and thin multilayer board,as well as cutting a variety of substrates, such as ceramic,silicon etc.

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High precision picosecond laser cutting machine 


● Completely cold cutting, almost no carbonizing

● High speed,High effiency,times speed higher than nano laser cutting.

● Double table, zero loading and unloading time, improve the processing efficiency;

● Preview function before processing to avoid damaging sample.

● Carbonization is extremely weak compared to nanosecond laser processing.

● Speed can be increased several times compared to nanosecond processing.

● The processing surface is more fine, smooth, tidy and clean;

● In addition to traditional circuit board polymer materials and copper foil processing, picoseconds can also be 

processed, ceramics, silicon wafers, Teflon and other materials;

● Support EMCS, MES system, use the identification of two-dimensional code to automatically select and cut the 

graphics unit;

 Cover film cutting-4.jpg





Applied Range

FPC,CVL, FPC micro   connection,ceramics, silicon slice etc.

Laser power


Laser Wavelength


System Processing   Accuracy


Dimensions (L×W×H)

1600mm×1500mm×1700mm(3   color lights not included)



Pulse Width


Frequency Range



1.Large processing size;2.Table number;

1.550mm×650mm;2.Single   beam, Dual platform;

Suitable for the cutting and forming of covering film (CVL), flexible board (FPC), soft and hard binding board (RF) and 

thin multilayer board, as well as the uncovering of window box; It can be used for cutting various substrates, such as ceramics, silicon wafers, etc

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Beyond Laser, founded in 2009 in Shenzhen China, is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, design, production, sales and service of industrial laser intelligent equipment. At present, there are two production bases in Shenzhen Longgang and Suzhou Wujiang District Laser Industrial Park, with a total plant area of 10,000 square meters. It covers three major systems: small and medium power laser processing system, laser micromachining system and non-standard automation system. The company has a large number of new talents who are challenged with high-tech ideas and innovative dedication. They are word-of-mouth in the field of laser technology research and development, and are the laser equipment manufacturers with comprehensive coverage in South China.

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