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Large format laser marking machine, 3D laser engraving machine

Large format laser marking machine, 3D laser engraving machine

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Large format laser marking machine, 3D laser engraving machine

Working principle and features

● This new generation laser marking machine is developed by using the advanced laser technology in the world.

 ● The marking area can be flexible customized as your need, the axis is X-Y moveable. 

● The laser is output by the fiber laser and then the marking function is realized by the high-speed scanning system.

● High electro-optical conversion rate, air cooling, compact size, good beam quality, high reliability;

● Engravable metal materials and some non-metallic materials are mainly used in the fields with high requirements for trial, smoothness and fineness.



Fiber laser marking machine

Output Power




Laser Wavelength


Repetitive frequency


Marking area

1000x1000mm (optional)

Beam Quality M2


Marking speed

250 characters/s (Rome h=1mm)

Mini. Marking line width


Mini. character size


Power Stability (8h)

<±1% rms

Power consumption


Power supply


Cooling method


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Shenzhen beyond laser intelligent equipment co ltd is a national high-tech enterprise who is dedicated to providing laser intelligent equipment solutions to customers all over the world. We focus on the field of laser intelligent equipment manufacturing with the concept of efficient, intelligent, environmental and compatible product development.

Since our establishment in 2011, Beyond Laser has developed rapidly with one standardized intelligent equipment manufacturing base covering an area more than 5,000 square meters. In the area of laser research and design department, automatic system, precise fiber laser cutting automated production lines and the related, We achieve Flexible Manufacturing and Digital Hierarchical Management. Beyond Laser's intelligent equipment work stably in more than 80 countries and regions. And we have a wide range bench-marking paradigm in the area of precision appliance, auto parts,  computer hardware, electronics, smart home industry Printed circuit board(PCB). With professional, independent core R & D team and perfect systematic after-sales technical department, we truly provide customer-oriented service experience.

As an important enterprise of laser intelligent equipment, Beyond Laser has been providing key technology and customized integration solutions for Industry 4.0 and future factories, helping enterprises to carry out intelligent manufacturing, making intelligent manufacturing to change our work within touch.

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