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thin glass cutting with good effect also need picosecond ultrafast laser machine.In manufacturing of semiconductor microelectronics, displays, medical devices and many other industries, there is an increasing trend toward higher-precision processing. Thin Glass cutting or Silicon Wafer cutting with Picosecond laser machine is new laser micromachining technology.Beyond laser machine factory.

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Deep features in thin glass

No special-glass needed, no chipping, no micro cracks

The Laser-Induced Deep Etching (LIDE) technology from Beyond Laser makes it possible for the first time to realize modifications over the entire glass thickness with individual laser pulses. This is the basis for the generation of deep structures such as through holes or micro sections.

Your foundry for sophisticated thin glass substrates

Various concepts -- bundled under the Beyond Laser brand -- are available for the implementation of thin glass substrates with deep microstructures in your projects. Beyond Laser machine enables prototyping and a series production service for a wide range of thin glass applications in a previously unattained quality. Use it to your advantage.

For Glass and Silicon Wafer Cutting, Shorter Pulse Widths Yield Superior Results

In manufacturing of semiconductor microelectronics, displays, medical devices and many other industries, there is an increasing trend toward higher-precision processing. This means cutting, drilling and marking parts with smaller feature sizes and greater accuracy, superior edge quality and with a reduced effect on surrounding material. In the past, most precision laser-based processing applications relied on nanosecond pulse widths or ultraviolet output (or both). But traditional sources cannot always service this new, demanding class of applications. As a result, some applications are now turning to lasers with ultrafast — picosecond or femtosecond — regime pulse widths to accomplish these tasks. 

Ultrafast processing benefits 

The goal of micromachining is the creation of micron-scale features, such as holes, grooves and marks, with high-dimensional accuracy while avoiding peripheral thermal damage to surrounding material. In other words, precise, clean cuts and marks with high surface quality and minimal heat-affected zone (HAZ). 


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At present, the company's main products include laser marking machine series, laser welding machine series, laser cutting machine series, laser micro-processing series, PCB laser code making machine, cutting machine and drilling machine series, touch screen covering film laser cutting system and other production and sales of 5 types of more than 20 types of industrial laser equipment. Its stable product performance, simple operation and maintenance, in the same products occupy a high cost performance. For many domestic enterprises to provide a sound solution for the application of laser equipment, some of the equipment has been exported to Canada, the United States, Japan, South Korea, southeast Asia, Europe and other countries.

It widely used in new energy products,PCB, LCD, battery LED, electrical appliances, lighting lamps and lanterns, jewelry, precision hardware, sanitary ware, instrument, automobile and motorcycle accessories, mobile communications, medical equipment, electronic products, digital integrated circuit, IT metal parts, military aviation parts, clothing apparel, leather, food cooking utensils, craft gifts, and many other areas, to provide customers with high-end electronic materials, intelligent production line and intelligent equipment manufacturing products and services.

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